19. sep, 2016

Hello, and welcome to Freya's Folly!


I'd like to tell you a little bit about Freya's Folly and how it came about.

Freya's Folly is my love of nature, teaching & the whimsical. Inspired by: a sassy daughter named Freya, everything handmade, fantastic fairytales and myths, and theatre.

This and more gives me the inspiration that I need, to imagine the designs I love to create. It is my pleasure to be able to create and share my art & have others connect with it!

We all have a story. I've lived a turbulent, yet gloriously diverse & interesting life so far... I might choose to share some snippets here and there in future blogs. My hope is that you find parts of yourself here, and will be inspired to believe in yourself, get inspired by my creations, shared wisdom and will go explore and enjoy doing so!

My daughter, AKA Mini me, is now 6, she is my main driving muse for the time being. She is a caring, spunky, amazing little girl ("I'm a BIG girl, mommy!") and really gives shine to my world. She is filled with spunk and whimsy and is probably my greatest enabler when it comes to sewing and creating. She LOVES to give me inspirational drawings and pictures-requests, and shops for materials with me. However, you will surely also read about her bursting with an extraordinary imagination, high energy and boundless curiousity, that sometimes leads her into trouble. She definitely keeps me sharp & on my toes!

So let's tell you the story behind the name.
Freya: Germanic/ Norse Godess of Love, Beauty and leader of the Valkyries. (Mini me's name.)
Folly: noun: folly; plural noun: Follies
1. foolishness, silliness. "an act of sheer folly" plural noun: follies. "the follies of youth"
2. a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose, especially a tower or mock-Gothic ruin built in a large garden or park.
3. a theatrical revue with glamorous female performers.


(So glamorous, silly and ornamental: sounds like Mini me heaven.😀

I prefer a bit more practical, so it will be an interesting mix!)

I am waiting for bureaucratic things in life to get done, in order to move on with our lives after some major setbacks... I have been down for a long time, and have decided to just start creating and just have fun again, in stead of waiting for everything to be "in order"! (Making big life changes is scary, yet even scarier are regrets. Life is a limited time offer, Don't waste it!)

I love trying out new things and meeting new people, hearing their wonderfully diverse stories. I hope that you will get inspired by me in some way & will go and create fun in your life! ( And share it here with us.)

So you can expect to see many wonderful things here, since I have a tomboy girl, that loves creating, dancing, mud and nature, and likes to explore climbing trees and jumping trampolines in her princess dresses!


It will be whimsical and magical, and all over the place, since I am a creative omnivore! We are inspired by: nature, faeries, pixies, gemstones, fairytales and sagas of ancestors. So think: Elves and doll houses, sewing, jewelry, furniture, decor, faeries and castles, magic wands and gorgeous dresses, some history, lots of passion and inspiration, a lot of mixed materials, recipes and a glimpse of the adventures mini and I encounter. Depending on your responses, I might create some tutorials in the future, and perhaps do workshops again.

For now: welcome to Freya's Folly, I hope you will enjoy our adventures! ❤

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to leave a positive comment or constructive criticism. I appreciate it. I will reply to your comments as often as I can.


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